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Welcome to Motortronics

Motortronics is a worldwide-leader specializing in the manufacturing of solid state AC motor controls and motor protection products. Founded in 1982, the company’s headquarters are located in Clearwater, Florida and have additional facilities in the British West Indies, China and South Korea. The company has shipped over 1 million solid state starters and controllers to virtually all industries around the world, amassing more real world experience than any other manufacturer in the business. With over 300 employees in multiple facilities and authorized sales & service representatives located around the globe, Motortronics is now one of the largest manufacturers of solid state power controls in the world.

Recent News

Sep 2014:

Updated Sep 8th RX MLink. Read more..

Updated Sep 3rd MVC Manual - Spanish Edition,... Read more..

New Sep 3rd RX Manual - Spanish Edition,... Read more..

Aug 2014:

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Jul 2014:

Updated Jul 22nd New MMTS Motor Test Stand Series,... Read more..

Updated Jul 22nd Updated TE-RTD12 MLink,... Read more..

Updated Jul 22nd Updated brochures for the MVC4, VMX, VMX-H,VMX-S, RX, TE-RTD12,... Read more..

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Jun 2014:

Updated Jun 19th MVC MLink software. Read more..

Updated Jun 2nd MVC Fimrware. Read more..

Apr 2014:

Updated Apr 24th MVC MLink software. Read more..

New Apr 21st MV Contactor Section. Read more..

Updated Apr 21st DXT MLink software. Read more..

Updated Apr 16th VMX MLink software. Read more..

Updated Apr 15th RX MLink software. Read more..

Updated Apr 7th TE-RTD12 User Manual and TE-RTD12 MLink software. Read more..

Mar 2014:

Updated Mar 18th MVF MV Contactor Series User Manual & Brochure. Read more..

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