36P1 - Single Phase SCR Power Control

Precise Three Phase Power Control

The 36P1 Series of power controls is a three phase controller available in 120 thru 575vac with current ratings from 20 to 600A. Using six SCRs in a three phase AC switch configuration, it provides smooth phase angle control for 0-100% output power. It comes standard with an isolated 4-20ma signal input, a manual potentiometer input and Load Voltage Regulation. The integral offset and gain adjustments allow tailoring of the output power with respect to the control signal input. Optional features such as Current Limit and Current Trip are also available.

AC Supply Voltage: 120 - 575 Vac

Amp Ratings: 25 to 600 Amps

Control Signal: 4 to 20ma, 10 to 50mA, 1 to 5mA, 0 to10 Vdc

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    AC Supply Voltage: Operates within 120,208,380,415,480 or 575VAC ±10%
    Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
    Output Current Rating: 25 to 600 amps model dependent
    Higher currents available, consult factory

    Command Inputs  
    Automatic: 4-20mA (510 Ohm), 10-50mA (200 Ohm) ,1-5mA (2k Ohm), 0-10VDC (100K Ohms Min.)
    Manual: 10K, 2 Watt potentiometer

    Output Voltage: 0 to 98% of input voltage
    Output Stage: 6 SCR configuration (3 phase AC switch)
    Load Types: Resistive, inductive, transformer, and lamp
    Adjustments: 5 cycles to 30 seconds
    Accommodates most milliamp signals
    Current Limit: 10 - 125% of controller rated current
    Current Trip: 75 - 200% of controller rated current
    Regulation: Maintains output within 2% with a ±10% line variation up to 90% of line voltage
    Ambient Temperature: 0 to 40°C at rated current
    (From 50°C to a maximum of 60єC, the output rating decreases by 10% for each 5°C increase.)
    Protective Features: I²t Fusing
    Transient voltage suppressor (MOV)
    dv/dt Networks