Oil, Gas and Petroleum

Oil, Gas and Petroleum industries have safety critical applications, typically operating in extreme environments requiring safe, robust and highly reliable products to control their operations.

Motortronics™ are experts in soft starter product design and their application to allow operators to optimize performance, save energy and reduce OPEX of fluid management electrical systems.

Motortronics™ soft starters offer many innovative features that deliver real benefits to the operator and the system that they are connected by providing integrated protection for downstream equipment, maximum productivity and intelligent control across the entire system.

Soft starters have a unique 'soft-stop' feature to avoid and prevent internal hammer within the system and therefore potentially extend the life expectancy of pumps, pipes, valves and headworks.

The 'gentle' acceleration offered by a Motortronics™ soft starter reduces mechanical, electrical stresses on the equipment and the electrical supply network during start and stop operations. Integrated monitoring software provides information and data to furnish warnings to the operator or to automatically stop the motor/pump sets if operation is dangerous and/or undesirable.

Motortronics™ control features automatically adjust according to the pump type during start-up and will ensure the pump is up to speed quickly to facilitate internal cooling and lubrication reducing wear on thrust bearings (if applicable) while delivering optimized flow-rate control for the remainder of the start cycle.

The automatic stop features are ideal for open systems with no non-return valves, for example, pumps lifting fluid to different levels and the quick reduction of the pump speed so the flow-rate stops while maintaining forward rotation as fluid drains from the systems pipes delivering a very effective stop and preventing any reverse rotation.

Soft starters are ideal for low head systems with high flow rates and long pipe lengths were automatic controls provide a long and steady reduction in flow rate ensuring fluid momentum is gradually dissipated thus preventing any pressure surges, also suitable for flat systems and/or pump curves.

The precise automatic control features provide an extended and gradual reduction in speed through the critical point of control then finalizes the stop cycle rapidly when the desired controlled flow-rate is achieved.