Motortronics is with you at every step of the way!
Delicate electronics need not apply.

Soft starting makes for explosive performance removing over-burden.
The MVC4 Weatherproof softstarter doesn’t just protect the 7200V, 1000HP motor driving this blast hole drill. It protects itself from extreme cold, extreme heat and extreme altitude so well that only the operator needs to be in the cab.

Feeling crushed by hard to maintain equipment?  The MVC4 runs this 500HP, 2300V primary crusher with a wound rotor motor.
So our customer spends time turning big rocks into little ones instead of pampering an MV VFD.

The 600HP, 4160V  motors started by Motortronics built softstarters at this facility convey more than just coal. They deliver reduced belt breakages and by replacing the  clutches, less time spent filling and refilling hydraulic fluid reservoirs.

Get Coal (dust) in your stocking, not in your starter. The MVC4 includes a starting rated automatic bypass contactor so they run cool. That means not only are no filtered fans required in this 4160V 2000HP rated MVC4 softstarter, we don’t even need vents. That means our customers spend less time extracting dust and more time extracting whatever mineral, metal or material they are mining or moving.

This plant makes methanol from natural gas and cooling towers are a vital part of the process. Each of the cooling tower fans is driven by a belt connected to a motor. Each time it rains the fans shutdown. Once the weather clears, the fans restart across the line having a significant impact on the lifetime of the Kevlar belts. It is common for fans to run in reverse direction due to negative pressure, causing a significant number of Kevlar belts to be replaced each year.

To improve lifetime of the Kevlar belts and save on maintenance the customer installed a VMX-synergy with the smart ramp function to start and stop each cooling tower fan. Upon restarting the cooling tower fan the VMX-synergy brings the motor to a stop by automatically detecting motor direction and by applying just enough torque, once at zero speed the VMX-synergy performs a controlled start of the cooling tower fans.